2018 closes, what does 2019 bring??? #hny #brexit #digitalTransformation #cloud #meToo #bigData

As we draw yet another year to a close, the IT industry and the UK, actually come to think of is the world in general is in a fairly turbulent time.  Markets are down over 12% than they were last year; the China – USA trade tensions don’t seem to be easing; the famous “wall” that Trump intends to build is now being touted as a “see through fence”; Brexit is only three months away with little light at the end of the tunnel…

Outside of that, what is really happening?  We have see the #MeToo movement which has proven that there is still much more to be done to ensure parity for all.  We have seen more celebrities pass this year … we are sadly now hitting the time whereby radio, television, films were hitting a mass audience, by default we (fifty or sixty years ago) were creating more celebrities and it’s only natural that we sadly see those legends start to pass in greater numbers.  Barry Chuckle and Jim Bowen will never be replaced…

Over the last two or so years we have seen #DigitalTransformation raise its head, but even after that time has passed we still see little traction.  We see that “insourcing” is becoming more popular, we see automation at the heart of everything, as well as the need for high skilled workers, and the need for large IT to create internally competitive services… all of these things required higher levels of investment but the level of investment seems to be fairly flat – with cost still a strong weighing factor (as you would expect it to be!) the sums don’t yet add up nor has the benefits case been properly written…

We have seen #Millennials arrive, with all the fuss that they brought… We now start to see them replaced with #GenerationZ.  I am not for all this generic labelling and find the whole thing quite degrading personally.

What is in store?  Well, we have seen a lot of traction of “well being” and “mindfulness” in 2018.  Given that it’s now impossible to turn off from work, I can’t see this going away, and I actually see this as an area that will grow in 2019… financially as well as in importance.  I am a big fan or work-life balance being correct.  Work hard, but also play hard / spend time with the family.

I see that AI (artificial intelligence) as well as Big Data will start to really show traction in 2019.  There is a bit of “vapourware” about it at the moment and not enough people know enough about it to really make use of it… this will probably change during 2019 as it becomes more accessible.  I think that wearables have now hit a peak, but I personally predict a small pivot which will see further growth in that area.

Finally I predict we will start to see the realisation of how ‘digital’ we have become.  Firstly, we will slowly see the value of “us” and what we are providing for “free” to the big machines start to be reassessed… Apple and Google have both recently released notifications on how much time you spend on your phone.  Kids wish lists are starting to include “my mum/dad spending less time on their phone”.  We have see catastrophic data leaks with Marriot, Facebook, etc emphasising that it’s not an “if” but a “when” our data gets handed to someone who shouldn’t have it.

This all points to the tide turning – I can see that we will slowly start to see more  people wanting to take control of their own data again and become a little less digital.  To have the driving seat of what people have about them and probably see the beginning of the demise of some aspects of this social media phenomenon which has been going on now for ten or so years.  “Real” watches will start to make a come back, we will see value in spending time with people, and speaking to them, being ramped up… all coupled with the mindfulness agenda that is on the horizon.

2018 has been an interesting year, mostly because we haven’t really seen too much in the technology industry happen… 2019 will be when the traction takes hold, be it good or bad, only time will tell…

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