#Windows10 upgrade + #SystemRestore = No More #Windows8 downgrade option #Microsoft

I upgraded to Windows 10 on my Windows 8.1 device. After I upgraded I came across an issue with a driver (or similar) which meant that my machine was unable to boot into Windows.

The only options were for me to rebuild the machine and wipe or rebuild and keep all my files. There was no options to do anything else… none of the other options worked.

I did rebuild and keep files… The machine rebuilt, all my files are retained and I am able to use it again.


I am now unable to return to Windows 8.1… I think the rebuild has removed the option to return to Windows 8.1 because it is a rebuild off of the Windows 10 installation files, not Windows 8.1. I can still see the Windows.old files and folder, I also know that the required installation information is all still present as the Disk Clean Up (system files) still shows them.

I now want to reinstate the Windows 8.1 roll back button on my machine but there is nothing to explain how to do this. Nor can I find a Microsoft KB to show me how I might do this using a command prompt or similar.

My device does partially work in Windows 10, but not fully.

Granted, this scenario is an outlier on the bell curve, but surely this must have happened to someone other than me!

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