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I have read a lot of reviews of the Lenovo Yoga Book on the internet and I can safely say that some of them (although appear to have used the device) are actually making it up.  I have been using the device for about a month now and I can give an honest review of what its like.


Lets get the bad bit out of the way first, there are a few very inconvenient bugs on the hardware.  The Windows 10 tablet mode is pretty much unusable due to some video drive issue that Lenovo havent fixed yet. The sleep function is poor and you find that it sometimes never wakes (forcing a long press of the power button to kick it into life again). The waacom pad doesn’t really work if you want to project to another screen and draw on it, and finally the wifi drivers (I assume its them as entering into flight mode seems to solve this issue) causes the Start Menu not to appear when you press the start button.

All have workarounds and apart from the Tablet mode one, I have managed to find ways to carry on without issue.


Now, the keyboard is an interesting beast.  It is called a Halo keyboard and is basically a projected from behind keyboard into a Waacom tablet.  Ignore what others say about not being able to turn of the haptic feedback and stop the sound.  You CAN turn off both quite easily – and turn them back on again, I can provide details on how to do this – just tweet me and I will write a short note how. I am a touch typist and I do find the keyboard a slower than a normal keyboard.  The main frustration I have is that I am not able to easily “centre” my fingers on the keyboard.  This leads to odd letters appearing on the typed text.  Its not a major issue, and for typing short notes / documents such as this, there isnt too much issue.  Some reviews say that the keyboard is no better than an on screen keyboard.  I would personally argue they are quite different and cant really be compared. Is some ways the keyboard  better, in others its harder to use – harder because (for those who type fast or use a keyboard for many hours a day) your reflex reactions think you are typing on a normal keyboard.


Screen is good, resolution is high and brightness is fine.  I haven’t got any complaints.


The hardware and overall aesthetics are very good.  It is incredibly light, it comes across as very strong.  It fits in my bag and can be carried around without noticing it.  Its the first laptop (full fat laptop) that I have owned and been able to hold it for extended periods of time without hands or arms getting tired.  It is truly remarkable just how light it is.  Sound is fine (given how thin it is its actually very good and pretty loud).  The microphone works well and I have had little or to no complaints when using it for skype calls.  The camera is also fine, although not amazing.  It has two, one on the screen side, the other on  the keyboard.

The famous yoga folding mechanism is a charm to use – it is strong, holds its position and has a near 50:50 weight distribution which means that it doesnt fall over when typing.


The battery life is claimed to be long – and I havent had any complaints so far.  The recharge time it pretty long, as it uses USB 2 and NOT USB C. There have been few time at work where macs have had to shut down in meetings, but this little device just keeps on going.


I use the device for work.  The most stressful things I do on it are complex spreadsheets and multi-video skype calls.  It isnt a fast machine, as it runs the latest but aging Atom processor.  I havent noticed any slowdown to cause concern, but this is an Atom device and is NOT a machine built for speed.  RAM and HDD are fine for at machine of this size, and with the SD slot (which looks more like a cell phone SIM holder) you can expand your storage to your hearts content.


The pen is pretty naff and has little in the way of functions. The “write in pen ink and see it appear” trick is cool, but I have mostly moved to using my Surface Pro 2 pen, which works much better and has more functions (such as a rubber at the end)


There support deserve a mention.  I have had a few issues and they have been brilliant to respond. Really cant complain…



overall good device and recommended… oh, and it runs Windows 10 PRO which is a nice added feature!

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