A Director of “Get Sh*t Done”

I was trawling through the LinkedIn updates the other day and stumbled across a post that was a short article about a company that employed a “Get Sh*t Done” Director.

It ended up being one of my most popular shared links.

What struck me, and what also confused me, is that most people don’t like inefficiency. People hate waiting in queues, being held on the phone, etc. No one likes sitting on a stationary bus or train. People don’t set off in the morning saying to themselves “I’m going to find the least efficient and most expensive route to work today”

This was obvious from the number of likes that the reshared post got, people just like to see stuff get done.

The counter (and less intuitive) thing is that we are people who not only consume processes but it is us that also write and execute them.

If we hate inneficient and slow and annoying process, why do we write them in such a way?

The obvious comeback  is “I didn’t write it, I’m just doing what I’m told”. This infuriates me, especially if someone in my team says it!

What sense is there is doing something that not only annoys you, but it also slows you down and ends up costing everyone time and money? And I can also bet, that if you think the process is slow and hard work, then at least one other person agrees with you.

The answer in the article was about getting in a Director (theGet Sh*t Done Director) to help improve processes and get on with things… now, I agree that this will absolutely help, especially if they are truly empowered to blast things out of the way and allow speedy progress. But is this only a short term measure?

Ideally you would empower more than one person to break with tradition, create new efficiency in process, allow the team and individuals to help make their and everyone else’s life better?

Then the counter question then is “do we actively tell staff they can’t improve efficiency?”

The horrific answer is an implicit “yes, currently people are told NOT to improve processes and make their life easier”. If you work in a medium or large organisation someone will tell you “here is the process you follow to do this thing”. Very rarely does anyone say “hey, welcome, you wanna do that? Sure thing, go for it, do it anyway you wish…”

Unless people are explicitly given the mandate to make their life easier and push for efficiency then they won’t look for it.

It’s a sad truth. But we do (currently) need more Director of Get Sh*t Done, to encourage a workforce to do something they should already be doing. If you are a Director or a manager of a team. It’s time to wear two hats!

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